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Demand for broiler chicken keeps soaring in city

Published Mar 2, 2022, 1:17 am IST
Updated Mar 2, 2022, 1:17 am IST
A broiler drinks water from a water dispenser at a poultry farm. (Photo: AFP)
 A broiler drinks water from a water dispenser at a poultry farm. (Photo: AFP)

Hyderabad: The soaring temperatures notwithstanding, there has been no dent when it comes to demanding for broiler chicken as its consumption remains as high ever. The major reasons being that it comes at an affordable price of Rs 110 per kg and is tender, digestible and can be cooked within minutes.

The demand for broiler chicken has been increasing steadily over the past two decades.

“Broiler chicken is a hybrid bird. From among 100 different breeds in the chicken family, it has emerged as the most viable one for breeding and for eggs, which explains the high demand,” Syed Abdul Faheem, a wholesaler dealing in broiler chicken, said.

These days spending anything between Rs 80 and Rs 110 on a food delicacy is no big deal for people, considering that having three cups of tea with biscuits costs around Rs 100, said another wholesaler.

Driven by the cost factor and it being a popular choice, a variety of chicken dishes are served at functions, social gatherings and marriages. For middle-class families, mutton biryani is almost like a luxury these days. They serve chicken biryani to their guests, who also enjoy the dishes.



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