Thanks to New Year gatherings, Covid-19 cases to surge: Doctors

By DECCAN CHRONICLE | Tushar Kaushik

1 January 2023

Hyderabad: Doctors are expecting Covid-19 cases in the city to surge, propelled by the large gatherings that took place on New Year’s eve, and advised the public to adhere to Covid-safe practices of social distancing and mask discipline.

Further, they said that many who might have also been affected by the virus may be asymptomatic, due to which it might be hard to get a true picture of the scenario.

Dr Nithin Reddy P., a consultant general physician, said there is a possibility of a Covid-19 wave starting soon. The number will reflect it in a few days, he said. 

“The incubation time from viral infection to onset of symptom is 48 to 72 hours, and may take up to five days. So, symptoms will usually appear during the next week,” Dr Reddy said.

He said that the symptoms caused by the variant currently in circulation are different from those that caused the third wave (in January 2022), extending to include body pains, cold, cough, fever and ear pain. Loss of sense of taste and smell are not being seen anymore, he said. 

He advised citizens to follow Covid-appropriate behaviour and to take the booster shot if they haven't done it yet.

Dr M. Rajeev, a consultant pulmonologist at Osmania General Hospital, said the extent of the surge in cases might not be clear as a lot of cases will be asymptomatic, just like the third wave. 

“Only people with symptoms are going for testing, others are not and even in symptomatic cases, many are taking medicines from pharmacies for the symptoms rather than getting tested,” Dr Rajeev said.

Virus watch

> Doctors advise caution as many with Covid-19 may be asymptomatic

> The number of cases over the next week will provide a picture of the case spread

> Mask discipline, social distancing advised at all public places

> Symptoms may include body pains, cold, cough, fever and ear pain

> Loss of smell and taste no common anymore, say experts

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