Hyderabad Playing a Key Role in Medtronic Global Products

Medtronic Engineering and Innovation Centre (MEIC) in Hyderabad has expanded by adding one lakh sqft. MEIC supports many global business units of Medtronic to provide software engineering solutions and other engineering expertise in the areas of enterprise software, product security, data engineering, systems engineering, mechanical and hardware design, and others. Divya Prakash Joshi, vice president and site leader, MEIC tells about how technology is impacting the healthcare sector to B Krishna Mohan


Focus areas
We are focused on working across segments in neuroscience, ENT, neuromodulation pelvic health, connected health care, and others. For instance, if we talk of cardiovascular care, a sensor based device is connected care to a programme, which is connected to the cloud and to the clinician. It is that kind of software development we are talking about. If we talk about robotic surgeries, we're looking at algorithm development. Various technologies are at work.

This expansion will enhance our capability to deliver. We are now about 900 people and this will grow to more than 1,500. The work that happens in Hyderabad is part of the global projects. More than 50 percent of the team is into software development, testing, embedded firmware applications, product security.

Skills needed
We will look at fresh and experienced engineers with AI and ML skills, analytics, mobile software development and related areas. Even if people come from automobile or aerospace backgrounds, we will take them. We have a clear onboarding and upskilling programme to enable engineers to understand the disease and therapy. We have a digital therapy Innovation immersion lab to help them understand the biomedical engineering aspects.

Impact of technology on the healthcare segment
Robotic surgeries serve as a good example. The aim is to have a minimally invasive, accurate, precise treatment. Changes happening in the health parameters get updated and the clinicians or the patients can access on their mobiles. This approach is proactive and will help in early and right intervention. This will improve the patient outcome, alleviate pain and extend longevity.

Role of Hyderabad
The talent in Hyderabad is really phenomenal. This made it the largest innovation centre outside of the US. Select hospitals off high-end robotic surgery. We have more than 100 engineers working on hardware, software and control algorithms. The team here also works on connected care for the cardiovascular implantibles. We do work in areas of imaging and navigation, different simulations. The growing segment is AI and ML and product security.

Impact of technology on healthcare
AI and machine learning are making a big impact. We have our own product GI Genius, The computer-controlled pill will send out info with which the doctors can identify the problems inside before it becomes cancerous. Use of AI is already making an impact. A lot of data is available on surgeries.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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