Hot Water Singes Student in Icfai Hostel

Hyderabad: An engineering student was injured after she reportedly suffered burn injury from a corrosive liquid, which some believe to be acid, at an Icfai University hostel on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

According to the Mokila Inspector B. Veera Babu, the victim, B. Lekhya, who was studying in BTech 4th year, reportedly suffered serious injuries when she was about to take a bath at 7.30 pm on Wednesday.

According to her roommates, she went to the bathroom to take a bath, but reportedly ran out screaming for help. Her roommates noticed something was wrong and quickly took her to the hospital.

Initially, the roommates suspected it to be an acid attack, assuming that alleged perpetrators could have poured acid, instead of water, in the bathroom bucket.

However, the Mokila inspector said, “Preliminary investigations by both her friends and her revealed no traces of acid in the bucket. However, Lekhya's friends rushed her to a nearby hospital upon discovering her condition, which was severe.

The police also confirmed that no outsiders could enter the hostel premises. “We checked the security camera footage as well. It's possible that she didn't check the water temperature and got hurt suddenly,” the police said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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