Haveri Authorities Intensify Efforts To Ensure Strict Implementation of Model Code For Polls

Senior Administrative Officials In Haveri Step Up Efforts to Enforce Model Code For LS Polls And Supervise Poll Preparedness

As the general elections are approaching, authorities are intensifying their efforts to prevent any breaches of the electoral code of conduct.

Model Code of Conduct returning officer and Haveri Zilla Panchayat CEO Akshay Sridhar has issued strict directives to monitor the misuse of the token system and offer cards aimed at influencing voters.

Discussions were held regarding potential malpractices at petrol pumps and liquor outlets, where tokens might be used to distribute liquor and fuel as incentives for those attending election gatherings. Officials have been instructed to closely monitor such activities to ensure transparency in the electoral process.

The CEO said that there are possibilities of distributing offer cards with promises of specific items and cash if individuals win elections. He asked officials to monitor and control such practices.

Individuals residing in lodges are also under scrutiny. Owners of lodging facilities have been mandated to keep CCTV cameras operational to monitor activities within their premises.

He urged officials to remain vigilant against any violations or suspicious activities across the district.

Akshay Sridhar reiterated the need to remove unauthorized election campaign materials, including political leaders' photographs and campaign hoardings. He also stressed the enforcement of guidelines set by the Election Commission regarding the display of party symbols and slogans on private properties.

Meanwhile, Ballari Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer Prashant Kumar Mishra has issued an order prohibiting the defacement of public property through wall writings, hoardings, and other displays without authorization. Violators of this order may face imprisonment of up to six months and fines.

He emphasized the strict enforcement of these regulations throughout the district until the completion of the election process, aiming to maintain fairness and integrity in the electoral procedures.

Kalaburagi Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer Fouzia Taranum visited Jewargi and Afzalpur taluks to assess the state of election preparedness and ensure strict adherence to the Model Code of Conduct on Monday.

During her visit, the DC inspected the arrangements for mustering, de-mustering, and the strong room. She also evaluated the efficiency of the single window system implemented for electoral processes.

She proceeded to the Jeratagi check post and visited a sensitive polling booth identified within the village to ensure adequate arrangements for polling day.

The DC also visited Afzalpur Taluk.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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