Glass Sheets on Nampally Road Causes Concern

Hyderabad: A slew of shops in Nampally that sell second-hand glass sheets and mirrors, located on the stretch between Ek Minar Masjid and the Darussalam Road, were found to be storing their goods on roads and pavements outside their shops and posing a risk to the public.

Motorists rapped civic authorities for failing to take action on the issue that has been persisting for several years, because adverse effects of an accident or a collision may be exacerbated by vehicles hitting these glass sheets.

S. Sanjay, a motorist who uses this stretch regularly, said, “This poses a great threat to passersby. How are government authorities silent on this issue? If someone accidentally hits the glass, which are occupying the main carriageway of the road, they may suffer fatal injuries.”

Sangeeta Devi, a resident of Goshamahal, said: “This a congested road during the peak house; authorities should take action at least to ease the traffic movement.”

“We ferry our children on our bikes from school. What if an accident takes place? At least the glass sheets are visible during the day. At night, it is a potential death knell. Authorities have no problems being harsh with petty vendors, but they refuse to act on potential dangers and traffic issues here,” she said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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