Gandhi Hospital Successfully Performs Complex Surgery on 8-year-girl

Hyderabad: The Department of Pediatric Surgery at Gandhi Hospital, under the leadership of Dr K. Nagarjuna, on Wednesday set a new record by successfully performing a thoracoscopic excision of a bronchogenic cyst on an eight-year-old girl.

The girl, Maithili, hailing from Bairamalguda in Rangareddy district, had been grappling with recurrent cough and fever for the past two years. Following thorough examination and diagnostic imaging, including CT scan and MRI, she was diagnosed with a rare bronchogenic cyst.

While bronchogenic cysts are developmental anomalies, Maithili's case presented unique challenges due to the cyst's intricate placement between the trachea and major blood vessels in her chest, including the right main bronchus, superior vena cava, and arch of the aorta. Such a precarious positioning made surgical intervention exceedingly complex and risky.

The hospital said Maithili is now on the path to a complete recovery.

Dr Nagarjuna, alongside his proficient surgical team comprising Dr. S. Srinivas, Dr. Manoj, Dr. Ashrith Reddy, Dr. Harsha, Dr. Neha, and Dr. Pragnya undertook the formidable task of excising the cyst using thoracoscopy. This minimally-invasive technique provided them with a precise 2D vision and facilitated meticulous dissection within the confined space between the trachea and major blood vessels.

The success of the surgery was not only attributed to the surgical team's expertise but also to the seamless collaboration of the anaesthesia team, spearheaded by Professor Dr. Aavula Murali, along with Dr Padmavathi and Dr Ravi Nayak.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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