Future Skill Experts To Serve 6,500 Government Schools Across AP: Official

Vijayawada: Principal secretary (School Education) Praveen Prakash said around 2,000 fourth-year engineering college students are currently undergoing internships as future skill experts. They will be lending their expertise to 6,500 government schools across the state.

The senior officer said each district will benefit from an average 80 future skill experts, with each expert serving three schools.

He explained details of the state government’s partnership with International Baccalaureate in partnership with the SCERT. He underlined that one of the biggest strengths of IB is it helps acquire leadership qualities. Its main strength lies in bringing critical thinking and lateral thinking among students.

To amplify the impact and effectiveness of their services, Praveen Prakash asked district collectors to organise a virtual conference with all future skill experts in the district. He pointed out that such a conference holds the potential of instilling confidence among these students. It will help them address any initial challenges they may encounter in their day-to-day functions.

The principal secretary emphasised on the importance of involving principals of respective engineering colleges from which the future skill experts have been drafted. He felt their participation will not only contribute valuable insights but also ensure a holistic and collaborative approach to addressing any issues that may arise.

Praveen Prakash opined that a virtual conference is pivotal and will significantly contribute to overall effectiveness of future skill experts, consequently strengthening the impact of the digital education initiative in schools.

The principal secretary announced the schedule for final assessment exams for different classes and streams. Accordingly, final assessment for classes 11th and 12th regular stream will be from March 1 to March 20t. For Class 11th and 12th open school stream will be from March 18 to April 4.

For Class 10 regular stream, the assessment will be from March 18 to March 30. For Class 10 open school stream, the assessment will be from March 18 to April 4. For classes 1 to 9, the assessment will be from April 8 to April 22.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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