IIT-JEE Mains toppers studied 9 to 12 hours

Hyderabad: IIT-JEE Mains 2024 toppers spoke of their innovative approaches and how they overcame challenges, which resulted in the 15 students scoring the maximum and topping the nation. They were joined by another seven from AP.

Achievers from Telangana who scored a 100 percentile are Hundekar Vidith (Rank 5), Muthavarapu Anoop (6), Venkata Sai Teja Madineni (7), Reddi Anil (9), Rohan Sai Pabba (12), Sriyas Mohan Kalluri (13), Kesam Channa Basava Reddy (14), Murikinati Sai Divya Teja Reddy (15), Tavva Dinesh Reddy (24), Rishi Shekher Shukla (19), Ganga Shreyas (35), Polisetty Ritish Balaji (39), Thamatam Jayadev Reddy (43), Mavuru Jaswith (49), and Dorisala Srinivasa Reddy (52).

M.S. Divya Teja Reddy, 15th ranker, studied 12 hours a day, and found maths to be the most challenging. By specifically targeting my weaknesses, I managed to turn them into strengths," she revealed. She also highlighted the critical support from her parents.

Rishi Shekher Shukla, AIR 19, knew he would score full marks after tallying his answers. My study routine of nine hours a day was split equally among the subjects. I focused on quality over quantity, dedicating extra time to particularly difficult questions." He hopes to pursue a degree in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Nitin Bhandari, 99.92 percentile, emphasised his analytical approach. "Maths was relatively easier. I focused on grasping the concepts and practised predicting the paper through model papers," he explained. He aspires to enter the IISC Bengaluru and become a data scientist.

Gurujhnavi Madana, 99.8 percentile, said she had to let go of a lot of things to be able to concentrate on her studies in the past two years and missed family time the most, having lived in a hostel.

Jeevan Sagar, 99.94 percentile, said late night study hours and look back at mistakes, helped him hit the target. "Taking healthy, adequate breaks helped me become more efficient.” He stayed in a hotel and talking with friends helped ease the pressure.

Vishwanath K.S., 99.99 percentile, talked about his evolving confidence and strategic approach to challenging topics in physics. "I didn't expect to do so well initially, but as I understood the concepts behind integrations and differentiations, my confidence grew. Starting my preparations at the beginning of 11th grade really paid off," he said.

Rithwik Perumala, 99.98 percentile, spoke about maintaining balance and overcoming difficulties in all the three papers. "Even when I was not scoring the highest marks, my parents never showed any disappointment and that touched me," he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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