Dam Safety Team Visits Srisailam

Kurnool: A team of experts, comprising members from the National Dam Safety Authority and the Central Water Commission, visited the Srisailam Dam on Thursday to conduct a thorough study. According to Dam Chief Engineer Kabir Basha, the team focused on assessing the condition of the plunge pool, particularly addressing concerns about potential hazards posed by the significant pit in front of the dam. The experts recommended implementing measures to prevent the enlargement of the plunge pool pit during floods.

Additionally, the team examined the three underground galleries within the dam and discussed strategies for controlling seepage water. Chief Engineer Kabir Basha also provided insights to the experts regarding the performance and necessary repairs of the radial gates of the reservoir. A proposed budget of Rs.135 crore was presented for the essential safety repairs of the Srisailam reservoir, the Chief Engineer said. The team included NDSA member (disaster and resilience) Vivek Tripathi and member (technical) Rakesh Kashyap.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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