Visakhapatnam Facing Water Crisis As Reservoirs Deplete

Visakhapatnam: Maintaining a steady supply of water in Visakhapatnam has become a big challenge on a day-to-day basis because water level in reservoirs from where it is sourced has been depleting fast. PM Palem area has been reeling under water shortage and other localities such as Shivajipalem, Maddilapalem, Seethammadhara, and MVP are receiving less water in comparison to the requirements.

For meeting the daily requirement of drinking water, Vizag requires 80 million gallons (MGD) of water. Several industrial units like Steel Plants, APIIC, Gangavaram Port, and NTPC require 50 MGD water. The GVMC officials ensure collection of 130 MGD water from the various reservoirs from distribution in different localities.

The shortage of drinking water is not only a big concern among public, it is also affecting crucial industries in the city. Out of 90 MGD sourced from the Yelur Reservoir, 50 MGD is allocated for public needs, 30 MGD for steel plants, and 10 MGD for industries like APIIC, Gangavaram Port, and NTPC.

To mitigate the problem of drinking water shortage, 40 MGD is sourced from other reservoirs such as Raiwada, Mudasarlova, Tatipudi, Gambhiram, and the Gosthani River.

The lack of rain last year, combined with the early onset of summer season and intense heat, were causing significant drop in water levels in the reservoirs. The water levels in Yeleru Reservoir, considered to be the city’s primary water source, have dropped to the point where water is no longer flowing into the canal. The GVMC has installed ten motors for pumping water from the reservoir into the canal. Despite these efforts, the reservoir’s water level has dropped to 69.09 metres, a worrying sign. Officials feared it may decrease further if the situation persists.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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