Rahul Shows Job-Seekers Image, Slams BJP

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the BJP on Sunday, highlighting the plight of unemployed youth in Uttar Pradesh. He termed the party's governance as a "double engine" leading to a "double blow" for young people struggling to find jobs.

Gandhi's remarks came in response to a massive crowd gathered at Kanpur railway station, reportedly vying for the upcoming UP Police Constable recruitment exam. With over 48 lakh applicants vying for 60,244 positions, the image served as a stark reminder of the state's unemployment crisis.

Gandhi pointed out the irony of such a high number of applicants against the backdrop of over 1.5 lakh vacant government posts. He stressed that even graduates, post-graduates, and PhD holders were forced to compete for low-skill jobs due to a lack of suitable opportunities. He further criticised the government's handling of recruitment processes, alleging delays, leaks, and uncertainties around results and final appointments.

Gandhi expressed concern for the growing distress amongst students who spent years preparing for various government exams, only to face delays, overage restrictions, and even paper leaks. He highlighted the psychological impact of dashed dreams and accused authorities of resorting to force when frustrated youth raise their voices.

Concluding his attack, Gandhi emphasised the importance of jobs beyond mere income, representing dreams and aspirations for uplifting families. He pledged that Congress policies would "do justice" to the youth's dreams and promised not to let their struggle go in vain.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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