Muslim Woman Performs Hindu Woman’s Final Rites

Hyderabad: In a display of compassion, a Muslim woman, Yakub Bee, administrator at a home for the aged, performed the last rites of a 72-year-old woman, Boggu Chandrakala, according to Hindu traditions. Chandrakala was under Yakub Bee’s care for the last three months,

Yakub Bee and her husband Chou Miya, natives of Raigiri in Bhuvanagiri mandal of Yadadri district, have dedicated themselves to social service for a long time. Their commitment to serve the homeless led them to establish the Sahrudaya Anadha Vrudhashram, an old-age home, at Raigiri, where they have been providing shelter and support to elderly persons for the past 15 years.

Originally from Korutla in Jagtial district, Chandrakala had lost her husband to illness a few years ago and had no children. Feeling lonely after her husband's passing, she sought refuge at Yakub Bee's "Sahrdaya Anatha Vridhashram," joining on January 19 this year. Her brother Ganga Prasad entrusted her to the orphanage's care as there were no other family members available to support her in her old age.

Yakub Bee and her husband took care of Chandrakala during her time at the ashram. On March 23, Yakub Bee conducted the last rites for Chandrakala, who passed away due to illness while under their care at the orphanage.

"This exemplifies love and compassion towards society, offering solace to those who have been neglected by their own families or have no one else to rely on," remarked G. Maninder Reddy, a social worker from Raigiri, praising the couple's selfless dedication.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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