Musi Corp to Study River Flow to Ready Development Plan

Hyderabad: As part of developing the 55-km stretch along the Musi river, with the Outer Ring Road (ORR) at both ends, the Musi Riverfront Development Corporation Limited (MRDCL) will study possible hydrological issues in the course of the river through a simulation model.

This project aims to study the hydrological pattern of the Musi from the Osmansagar in the west to Gowrelly in the east to develop a comprehensive master plan for the riverfront development. It also involves the study of the intensity of rainfall and dry weather flow in the urban catchment area of the Musi river.

Officials will examine the overflow conditions for every one kilometre, possible inundation with a combination of stormwater run-off and dry weather flows (sewage) through nalas into the river.

A combination of maximum flood discharges from the Osmansagar and Himayatsagar reservoirs, and possible overflow conditions along the river banks also be taken into consideration. The other tasks under this project include the assessment of maximum storage volume and water surface area at the maximum water level (MWL).

“The simulation conditions for the monsoon period and for non-monsoon periods will also be assessed,” said an official from the MRDCL.

The official said check dams will be constructed at various intervals to maintain the water storage in the river for critical levels to facilitate the recreational requirements.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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