Karimnagar Gears Up for Monsoon Season: MLA Aadi Srinivas Urges Early Repairs of Check Dams and Irrigation Canals

Karimnagar: In a bid to prevent last year's monsoon woes from repeating, Vemulawada MLA Aadi Srinivas called for immediate action on check dam repairs and irrigation canal maintenance. He chaired a review meeting with irrigation officials on Sunday, emphasizing the need for swift action.

Damaged Check Dams: The MLA highlighted the urgent repair of check dams at Mula vagu, which were damaged by last year's floods, leading to crop losses.

Height Adjustments: Directives were issued to adjust the height of check dams in Mamidipalli village, Konaraopet mandal, and between Bollaram and Lingampalli villages to manage water flow effectively.

Canal and Check Dam Issues: Steps were demanded to address floodwater concerns in Budigajangala Colony, Vemulawada, by removing silt from the Kattu canal and preventing overflow from the Mula vagu check dam at Mallaram village.

Pending Irrigation Projects: The meeting emphasized the need to expedite the completion of Package-9 between Mid Manair and Upper Manair and the left canal at the Malakpet reservoir to ensure irrigation water for 20,000-30,000 acres of land.

Water Supply Request: A letter was requested to be sent to the Engineer-in-Chief urging water supply for farmers in Bushanraopet, Utapalli, Chintakunta, and Kathalapur villages.

Lake Bund Repairs: Pre-monsoon preparation, including work estimates, was advised for repairing bunds of lakes in Kathalapur, Medipalli, and Bheemaram villages, which were breached during last year's heavy rains.

The meeting, attended by irrigation department officials, aims to ensure proper water management and prevent potential monsoon-related issues for farmers and residents in the region.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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