Help Dispel the 10 Year Darkness: Stalin Tells Cadre

Chennai: Giving a clarion call to his party cadre to defeat the enemies of Tamil Nadu and those who were inimical to the development of the State in the April 19 elections to the Lok Sabha, Chief Minister M K Stalin urged them to continue reaching out to people, without violating the election Model Code of Conduct, and elucidate on the dangers of the BJP returning to power.

In an epistle to his ‘brothers and sisters,’ after the high voltage campaign came to a close on Wednesday evening, Stalin stressed on the importance of standing on the side of justice in the battle to protect democracy and cautioned his party workers against getting swayed by the fabricated poll surveys.

Telling the cadre to be alert and be awake till the end, he said they should not only create an awareness among the people on the importance of casting their vote and ensure that they voted, besides keeping a vigil over the ballot boxes till they were kept safe.

Recalling the 10 year rule of the BJP in the country that saw the unfolding of the world’s biggest political scam, the electoral bonds, the creation of a false image of a successful Modi with the help of the media, and ruining the entire nation for the personal political gain of Modi, he said the time had come to change all that.

The BJP rule had seen an increase in unemployment and corruption and the government failing to honour its promises like doing away with black money, spurring industrial growth, eliminating poverty, improving the living standards of women and ushering in an equal society through social justice, Stalin said.

In a letter of motivation to cadre written before the election process started, on March 21, which he recalled, he had enjoined them to use the social justice principles of Periyar E V Ramasamy, the dignity taught by C N Annadurai and the administrative legacy inherited from M Karunanidhi to win the elections that were primarily about who should not win.

Pointing out that under Modi rule the State governments were forced to approach the Supreme Court for carrying out their routine administrative responsibility like providing flood or drought relief to the people, swearing in of Ministers, appointing vice chancellors to State-run universities, he called upon the cadre to teach a lesson to those drunk on power.

Warning them of a post-election bonhomie between the BJP and AIADMK, he said that the two parties were masquerading as though they had parted ways but continued in a secret relationship.

Stalin said the new Prime Minister, who would take charge of the nation after the elections, would respect democracy, the tradition of people’s rule and federal principles and also dispel the 10-year darkness that had engulfed the country to usher in a new dawn.

The mask that helped Modi come to power 10 years ago as a champion of development and the architect of the Gujarat Model of development had already been ripped off and the real corrupt persona that misused the Enforcement Directorate, CBI and Income Tax department to run over political opponents had been exposed, he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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