Fruits Bring Relief From Scorching Summer at Pinching Price

Visakhapatnam: Scorching heat wave has already arrived as per the India Meteorological Department (IMD). However, delicious seasonal fruits have also arrived in the markets as per schedule, offering a sweet escape from the heat.

Ice apples, popular as tati munjulu, are a popular choice of people going through the summer heat for the fruit’s refreshing tarty flavour. At Rs 70 per dozen, they are a pocket-friendly option. These little powerhouses are packed with vitamins and minerals, perfect for beating the heat and keeping one hydrated.

Jackfruit is another summer staple, available for Rs 50 a dozen. It can be enjoyed ripe or unripe. Watermelon, the summer saviour, is a steal at Rs 30 per kilogram. Many restaurants and cafes are incorporating watermelons into their menus to attract clientele.

Reigning supreme, however, is the king of fruits, the mango. Its prices range from Rs 150–200 per kilogram depending on the variety. The higher prices of certain fruits have put them out of reach of those on a tight budget.

Owner of Visakhapatnam's popular juice shop in MVP colony told Deccan Chronicle, "I have been serving cool juices as a relief from heat for the past 15 years. Watermelon sharbat and mango juice are our stars, with some opting for papaya juice too. The price of watermelon juice is only Rs 20 a cup, so it's easy on the wallet. Papaya juice is Rs 40. Mangoes are not on our menu yet due to their high price. We may offer them next week."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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