Environmental Theme Park Set for Inauguration in Kukatpally

Hyderabad: The ‘Environmental theme park’, in Asbestos Colony, Kukatpally zone, equipped with working models of an atmospheric water generator (AWG), organic waste converter and sanitary napkins/diapers disposal machine is getting ready for inauguration.

The other features of the park, which makes it different from other lung spaces in the city, include a pyrolysis model to convert plastic into diesel and a shredder machine.

“AWG extracts humid ambient air and produces water. Similarly, the organic waste converter will transform wet waste into manure,” said a GHMC official, adding that the rainwater harvesting pit will improve the groundwater level. Incidentally, they have adopted a permaculture approach.

“Permaculture is a holistic agricultural and land management design. This way, the growth of ecosystems is self-sufficient and sustainable,” said a senior official from the GHMC’s urban biodiversity wing.

“We want to educate students, whom we will call at regular intervals, on self-sufficient ecosystems. They will get an opportunity to learn the practicalities with working models of AWG and other equipment,” said a GHMC official. The GHMC has installed glow sign boards that will provide information related to the working models of the equipment that are in place in the park, which is spread over 0.8 acre. It will also have an exclusive children's play area and walkways and boast of lush greenery.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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