Congress Slinging Mud on BJP, Says Laxman

Hyderabad: BJP OBC Morcha president and party MP Dr K. Laxman said the Congress is slinging mud on the BJP as they faced backlash from people wherever they go. He said that Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy belittled the dignity of his office by producing fake videos. “Revanth Reddy must apologise for his mistake. It is such fake videos and misinformation have propelled the Congress party to power,” he said, addressing the media on Wednesday.

He further added, “We need to determine whether it was the Chinese communists or Rahul Gandhi who was responsible for morphing the home minister’s video.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi regards the Constitution as sacred, whereas Rahul Gandhi has flouted constitutional norms by tearing up a Bill passed by the government, he said. “It was the Congress that compromised the Constitution by declaring an emergency under Indira Gandhi,” Dr Laxman added.

Dr Laxman further noted that the Congress’s inclusion of Muslims in the BC category has reduced their quota. He pointed out that the Congress, BRS, and the AIMIM are allying to thwart the BJP’s rise as a viable alternative. He also asked the Congress party to explain its lenient stance on the Kaleshwaram project and the lack of progress in the investigation.

He added that Delhi’ Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his Cabinet members are in jail. The BRS and the Congress have allied with them, sharing a common cause, he said. "The Congress is not able to digest the fact that Modi is all set to become the PM again for the third time," Dr Laxman added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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