Collector Inspects Arrangements at Counting Centres

Vijayawada: Krishna district collector and election officer, D.K. Balaji, along with general election observer for Machilipatnam Member of Parliament, John Kingsley, inspected the arrangements at the counting centres set up at the Krishna University for the general elections. The collector inspected the reception centres set up in various strong rooms at the Krishna University, ensuring their secure arrangements for different assembly stakeholders. Additionally, directives were issued by the collector to arrange water-proof shamianas to protect them from the weather, ensuring the safety of materials in the environment.

The collector instructed to set up strong rooms at various assembly segments and also directed the arrangements for CCTV cameras in coordination with the Assembly EVMS to ensure security. They also monitored the arrangements through TVs installed for scrutiny during the electoral review process. Additionally, preparations were made for candidates and their representatives to observe the electoral process in display rooms.

D.K. Balaji stated that lighting arrangements were also directed for the university premises, parking lots, and reception centres, with orders given for continuous power supply. Temporary bus stands were arranged for voters returning home after polling, and RTC authorities were instructed to arrange buses on respective routes. DRO K. Shekar Rao, AD Survey Manisha Tripati, Panchayat Raj S.E. Vijayakumari, municipal commissioner Bapiraju, R&B officials, and others were present during the collector's visit.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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