CEO Mukesh Meena Asks SPs, CPs, and Sector Officers of All Districts To Use SAMARTH App

Vijayawada: Chief Electoral Officer Mukesh Meena has said that the SAMARTH" (Security Arrangement Mapping Analysis Response Tracking Hub) mobile app is very useful for taking immediate action and handling law and order issues in the general elections in AP on May 13.

He directed SPs, CPs and sector officers to use the app, saying it is a smart and quick policing tool that has clearly demarcated and mapped of critical and common polling stations in it, so that mobile parties as also the striking and special striking teams can be dispatched immediately in case of trouble, and the location of police forces can be tracked through Google map from the control room.

He praised SP Vakul Jindal of Bapatla for developing the policing mobile app for this election and using it experimentally in Bapatla district.

On Friday, Vakul Jindal met Meena at the state secretariat in Velagapudi and explained the uniqueness and features of the SAMARTH mobile app being used in their district. He said that this app developed by the core IT department of the district is being used experimentally in the district from April 22 and it was giving good results. Through this app, police officers can call and issue orders simultaneously to 2000 policemen in the district in one sweet go. The app could function even if the mobile does not have an internet signal and police

personnel could be sent alerts and notifications.

He said the petitions related to the elections can be sent to police officers through the app and they can be monitored from time to time.

Vakul Jindal explained to the CEO that the app served as a powerful, robust and real-time application for district police officers to track locations of personnel, identify critical and common polling stations, call the control room directly from the app, and immediately reach police forces in troubled areas.

He said that the details and phone numbers of the police officers and personnel of the entire district are included in the app, so that the real-time location of the police officers and personnel is tracked from time to time.

Additional CEOs P. Koteswara Rao and M.N. Harendhira Prasad and Bapatla District IT Core SSI Naib Rasul and others participated in the meeting.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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