Buggana Inaugurates Water Grid Project in Dhone

Kurnool: Finance minister Buggana Rajendranath inaugurated the 42 MLD water grid project in Bugganipalle Tanda, Bethancherla mandal, on Monday, costing Rs 351 crore. The minister said the project, aimed at providing drinking water to every household in the Dhone constituency, marks a significant achievement for the region.

Rajendranath emphasised the success of ensuring clean drinking water access to 3 lakh people from 45 thousand families by bringing water from the Gorukallu reservoir, located 32 km away. He highlighted the improvement in water availability, noting that groundwater level fell down by 500 feet. The minister mentioned that even the remotest villages like Kanumakinda Kottala, Kota Buruju, Kaulupalle, Vankamitta Palle, and Guttala Palle now have access to drinking water.

Further, a new road has been constructed to Guttalapalle, Sri Maddileti Swamy temple is being developed with Rs 50 crore, and temples like Muchatla Mallikarjuna Swamy, Gundala Chennakesava Swamy, Palutla Ranganatha Swamy, and Kambagiri Swamy have seen developments at a cost of 30 crore. He praised Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy for distributing 30 lakh house site pattas to the poor. He highlighted the YSRC government's inclusive approach in providing Ammavodi, pensions to the poor, housing benefits, and education benefits, regardless of caste and religion.

Later, the minister inaugurated the Bilva Swargam Caves in Bethamcharla mandal, a natural tourist spot developed at a cost of Rs 2.50 crore. Buggana, along with MP Brahmananda Reddy, inaugurated a restaurant near Bilva Swargam Caves. The minister directed tourism department officials to set up a prominent hoarding with photos depicting the caves. Valmiki caves in Peapully mandal were inaugurated, with completed works costing around `6 crore. The minister unveiled the pylons associated with the caves, emphasising that the naturally formed Valmiki Caves in Boyavandlapalli village have been transformed into a tourist destination with an investment of `3 crore. Further, he inaugurated a modernised police station in Bethamcherla town, and he conducted an inspection of various projects, including the newly constructed guard wall at the police station.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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