Adhere to Half-Day School Norms in AP: Child Rights Body

Visakhapatnam: Andhra Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Children's Rights (APSCPCR) has directed education officials throughout the state, including Visakhapatnam, to ensure that all schools in AP are adhering to half-day school norms in view of the rising temperatures.

Commission member Gondu Sitaram, during a meeting held in Visakhapatnam on Tuesday, said APSCPCR has received complaints from parents that some schools are disregarding the government's half-day school directive. He emphasised that all schools, including private schools, must adhere to the guidelines issued by the state government.

APSCPCR chairperson Kesali Apparao reiterated that clear instructions have already been issued to district collectors and education officials on following the half-day school norm without giving any exemption to any school.

The commission has warned that strict action will be taken against schools that flout the norm, including legal action against school owners and even cancellation of the school’s registration.

APSCPCR has asked parents to email any violations in norms to

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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