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Bengaluru: Namma Metro work leaves BTM, Bannerghatta Road in shambles

Published Dec 31, 2018, 5:54 am IST
Updated Dec 31, 2018, 6:10 am IST
The condition of footpaths is no better.
Metro work has disrupted traffic on Bannerghatta Road and BTM Layout (Image DC)
 Metro work has disrupted traffic on Bannerghatta Road and BTM Layout (Image DC)

Bengaluru: As Namma Metro is gradually expanding its footprint over the city, the construction work is taking a heavy toll on the existing roads and the traffic flow. The roads on either side of BTM Layout and Bannerghatta Road are riddled with potholes and at some stretches there are huge mounds of mud.

The commuters have a harrowing time in navigating these roads on a daily basis. "Throughout the day, the vehicles move at a snail’s pace. The presence of huge potholes and boulders poses a threat to motorists," said Ankur Ashok, a resident of BTM.


The pedestrians complain that footpath riding is rampant but nothing much is being done. The pedestrians we spoke to said that cops are usually busy collecting fines for bikers not wearing helmets, but overlook this blatant violation that endangers the lives of footpath users.

“We need Metro and any developmental work takes time. We have no complaint against it, but as of now the narrow lane should be repaired so that we can move freely. Especially the stretch from Vega City Mall towards Jayadeva Hospital needs to be repaired. There is no footpath and the road is in poor condition,” said Ashwin Singh, a local resident.


He further added that the government should made arrangements to divert traffic, before going ahead with the project. The roads have become so narrow that hardly an auto can move at a time and the dust emanating from the construction site is also a health hazard to nearby residents.

On Saturday, the Mico Layout area got waterlogged and the commuters were apprehensive of moving ahead, as the road is riddled with huge potholes.

"If not the repair of entire road, at least the potholes should be filled. The BBMP was supposed to fill the all the potholes a couple of months back, I do not know what happened," Ashok added.


Metro should be held responsible for road damage: Mayor Gangambike
Q&A: with Mayor Gangambike
Roads at BTM Layout and Bannerghatta have been badly hit due to the ongoing metro works?
Wherever Metro works are going on, roads have been damaged. This is a major problem for the civic body. I will have a discussion with the ward corporators and AEEs concerned.

There are some stretches where roads are severely damaged and pose serious threat to the lives of bike riders and damage the vehicles too?
If the damage is severe then I will ask the AEE to look into this. Roads will be restored under the emergency grants.


You said the road damage by Metro works is a major problem. BBMP lays the road and Metro damages it. Can't BMRCL repair the damaged road?
As the roads are getting damaged due to metro construction, they should be held responsible. I will have to check with the officials if we have a provision to get BMRCL restore the damaged roads

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