MLC Kavitha Invites academic community at Oxford to do case study on Telangana Model

Oxford, UK: In a riveting discourse at the University of Oxford, Kavitha Kalvakuntla MLC delved into the paradigm of ‘Exploring Inclusive Development: The Telangana Model’, sharing the transformative narrative of Telangana under the visionary leadership of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. The Telangana model, as she delineated, is an epitome of balanced development, meticulously intertwining infrastructure advancement with welfare augmentation.

“In the inevitable rise of our motherland India, of our Bharat Mata, I am confident that under the leadership of true statesmen like KCR, who is the architect of Telangana, we will create a future most prosperous for all our fellow citizens.”, Kavitha said.

MLC Kavitha revealed the chronicle of Telangana’s rise from a state with a stark backdrop of distress to a beacon of equitable growth and innovation. The underpinning ethos of the Telangana model pivots around harnessing natural resources, fostering a culture of free enterprise, and ensuring an equitable distribution of wealth, embodying a blend of economic pragmatism and empathetic governance.

The insightful address shed light on the pivotal projects and policy initiatives that catapulted Telangana onto the trajectory of substantial growth. Among these, the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project which was completed in a remarkably short period of 3.5 years, Mission Bhagiratha, and a remarkable investment in power sector stood as sterling exemplars of the state’s commitment to infrastructural development. The agricultural sector's resuscitation was a cornerstone of her discourse. "From a negative growth rate in 2014-15 to a consistent upward trajectory, the sector grew by 15.7% in 2022-23," she emphasized, underscoring the government's unwavering support to farmers at every juncture.

On the welfare front, schemes like Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, and Dalit Bandhu have underscored the government’s resolve towards augmenting the rural economy and uplifting the living standards of all societal segments.
Telangana’s holistic approach towards agricultural revival, industrial facilitation through initiatives like TS-iPass, and a robust focus on innovation were highlighted as the linchpins driving the state’s surging economic indices. The narrative of Telangana's agricultural renaissance, marked by a significant uptick in paddy production and the provision of supportive frameworks for farmers, was particularly underscored.

Kavitha highlighted the state's focused approach towards equitable wealth distribution and social welfare. "Telangana ranks 1st amongst all states in terms of equitable income distribution. Our Gini coefficient is at 0.10, on par with Nordic nations," she pointed out, showcasing the state's commitment to minimizing economic disparities.

Kavitha extended an invitation to the academic community at Oxford for a collaborative examination of the Telangana model, fostering a conduit for insightful dialogue and mutual learning. The session resonated with a call for global cognizance towards the Telangana Model as a blueprint of transformative governance.

The riveting narrative encapsulated the essence of Telangana’s journey, portraying a promising landscape where equitable growth, innovation, and compassionate governance converge to foster a thriving community. The keynote reverberated with the ethos of Telangana’s indefatigable spirit of progress, setting a compelling narrative for a prosperous future under the aegis of visionary leadership.

“We have waged a war on poverty, and with all this my friends, we are only just getting started.”, Kavitha remarked.

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