Telangana\'s Covid forecast goes awry: No end in sight at the end of August

The health department had forecast a loosening of Covid\'s grip by the end of the month

Hyderabad: The Telangana health department's forecast that Covid-19 would come under control in Hyderabad by the end of August has been belied with no let-up in fresh cases in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) area. Another 461 individuals were added to the case list in the city alone while 1,873 cases have been added to the state as a whole.

Earlier this month, senior health department officials had said at a press conference that Covid-19 cases would begin seeing a fall by the end of August in the city and by the end of September in the rest of the state.

The latest figures on Monday morning show that new infections are being detected at the rate of 2.6 per week, and the latest testing rate has inched up to 36000 per 1 million.

Previous forecasts in April that the end of Covid-19 was near in Telangana too had fallen by the wayside as the disease only got stronger and spread wider to rural areas as well.

Nine more people lost their lives to the disease in the Monday morning bulletin, with the case fatality ratio standing at 0.7 per cent and the active case proportion at 25 per cent.

While the Monday morning bulletin did not release the district wise data, the virus prevalence has been markedly higher in district contiguous with the state capital with Ranga Reddy in second spot with 213 fresh cases.

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