Tamil diaspora welcomes min in UK

We have signed three MoUs that are historic.

Chennai: State health minister Dr C Vijayabaskar said in a media interview from London that this is the first trip by a TN CM in four decades and was welcomed warmly by the Tamil Diaspora as well as the medical fraternity in the UK.

“We have signed three MoUs that are historic. One of them aims at improving vastly the skills of the nurses being trained in Tamil Nadu. There are about 17,000 nurses graduating every year in six different disciplines and this skill-development programme will improve their employment prospects”, he said, adding that efforts would be taken to bring similar skill-development training for the doctors in Tamil Nadu.

The minister said Kings Hospital is a world famous healthcare institution that is 120 years old and has evolved the best of treatment methods and facilities to handle even tropical diseases, such as dengue and hepatitis-B, apart from being an advanced institution for organ transplant surgeries. “We have signed a MoU to get these skills and facilities for the hospitals in Tamil Nadu”, said Dr Vijayabaskar, who is part of the CM's delegation.

He also said Kings Hospital is well known for its facilities to scan the embryo for identification of any pre-natal deformities and rectify them so as to reduce the infant mortality rate. The third MoU signed is aimed at bringing these skills and systems to government hospitals in Tamil Nadu, he said.

“Kings Hospital is very keen on starting a world-class hospital in Chennai. Our CM has promised them all help in this regard”, he said.

He said British MPs, including a Minister, besides Deputy Mayor, experts and investors had interacted with CM Palaniswami during his visit to the Parliament.

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