Nellore: Cleanliness ignored in Express MEMU train

Passengers suffer due to non-availability of water in toilets.

Nellore: The MEMU (mainline electric multiple unit) trains originating from Nellore stink because of their not being maintained clean and poor sanitary conditions. Though there are toilets for each coach on the trains operating between Nellore and Chennai unlike other such suburban trains, supply of water to these toilets is inadequate and it is anybody’s guess about the situation of toilets.

MEMU train No 17237 leaving Nellore at 5.45 am is the most sought after for passengers bound for Chennai.

With just a limited number of halts, it reaches Tamil Nadu capital before 9 am or in less than three hours like a super fast train.

The fare is only Rs 70 from Nellore to Chennai as against Rs 90 for super fast express trains.

Railway officials said they do not have the facility to fill water on to the train at Nellore station. Passengers claim that the train has been running without water in the toilets since its launch on February 21, 2019.

Vice-President M. Venkaiah Naidu introduced the toilets for this MEMU train, probably for the first time in the country prevailing upon the railways to add toilets after coming to know about the ordeals of commuters. But unfortunately the provision has not been too helpful for commuters due to the absence of water.

In fact he was responsible for the launch of MEMU trains to Chennai and Tirupati as well as the express MEMU train to Chennai from Nellore.

A regular traveler to Chennai on the MEMU train, Basavaraju Ramesh, claimed that the conditions are horrible in the toilets and the washbasins because of lack of water.

“People use the toilets and realise the fact that there is no water after relieving themselves,” another passenger, P. Gayathri said.

Reminding that the train is in Chennai station for six hours before leaving for Nellore at 4.30 pm, she said that water is rarely filled in Chennai too.

“Pinakini Express is at the Chennai Central for less than an hour between its arrival and departure but the cleaning of coaches and toilets is carried out at jet speed,” she said, adding that MEMU train is ignored because commuters belong to lower strata of the society.

A regular commuter on the MEMU trains, B. Vinaykumar, alleged that the conditions are no different on the other MEMU train No 67232 operating between Guntur and Tirupati.

“I have hardly found any water in the toilets of this train during my travel several times in the recent past. Railway officials also vouched for the complaint under the condition of anonymity adding that they are helpless.

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