Kollam: Disabled man’s US camera stolen

Thangasseri native’s camera stolen from postal sorting dept in Delhi.

KOLLAM: A man hailing from Thangasseri with 85 per cent disabilities has been cheated by an unknown culprit at the postal sorting department in Delhi by stealing a camera from a shipment from the US that was meant to be his means of livelihood.

Rajan Narayanan had paid money for a used camera purchased by his spiritual mom in the US and shipped along with a Bible and other books. Upon receiving the parcel in Thangasseri, the camera was replaced with a pair of jeans and a chocolate box."I had purchased a used professional DSLR camera with the help of my spiritual mom Mary L. Smith from the local market in the US. Understanding my physical disability the camera worth $1000 was given by the vendor for a discounted rate of $600. The package she sent included the camera, a Catholic prayer book, eye masks, and a Bible," Mr. Rajan told DC.

The shipment through US postal department reached Delhi foreign post office on August 13 and was handed over to the postal sorting department. "Sadly there was no customs checking in Delhi and the item went missing from the sorting section," he added.

The parcel reached Kochi customs department which found a weight loss as against the customs declaration sent by the US postal department.

The package with an 'error' was sent to post office in Thangasseri with an updated list of enclosures. Instead of camera bag, a locally purchased pair of jeans and a chocolate box were found stuffed in the package.

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