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Chandrayaan-2 124 km from moon

Published Aug 31, 2019, 3:23 am IST
Updated Aug 31, 2019, 3:33 am IST
Chandrayaan-2  (Photo: Twitter | ISRO)
 Chandrayaan-2 (Photo: Twitter | ISRO)

Nellore: Chandrayaan-2 performed the fourth lunar-bound orbit manoeuvre in textbook fashion on Friday. The exercise commenced at 6.18 pm as planned, using the onboard propulsion system.

The engines on the spacecraft were fired for 1,155 seconds by the end of which Chandrayaan-2 was orbiting the moon at 124 km x 164 km.

According to an Isro official, all spacecraft parameters were normal. The next manoeuvre is scheduled on September 1, between 6 pm and 7 pm, and it is expected to bring the spacecraft to a 100km x 100 km orbit around the moon. On September 2, the Vikram lander, which carries the Pragyaan rover, will separate from the orbiter. Following this, orbit manoeuvre will be performed on Vikram to place it in a 100 km X 30 km orbit around the moon.



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