No relief in sight for detained students

10,000 engineering students wait for supplementary exams.

Hyderabad: Around 10,000 engineering students who were detained are still waiting for the conduct of the Advance Supplementary examinations for second, third and fourth years. The detained students who are depressed over the detention, alleged that despite several protests and requests the university was not conducting the supplementary examinations.

The students also demanded addition of two credits for Gender Sensitisation (GS) and three credits for Environmental Science (ES). The Engineering JAC said that a few students had even attempted suicide because they were upset due to detention and non-conduct of advanced supplementary examinations.

Sharan Raichur, President, Telangana Engineering Joint Action Committee said, “When there is supplementary for degree examinations and intermediate examinations, then why is there no advanced supplementary exams for the engineering students? Due to this many detained students are suffering as the are losing one year. The students were detained only because they failed in ES and GS. We also spoke to the Registrar and Vice-Chancellor, but we did not get any positive response.’’.

He adds, “Generally if the students have passed in 50 percent of the subjects in the first, second and third years and if they have 75 percent attendance, they should not be detained, but the university is not considering this. We demand conducting of the supplementary examination for second, third year and fourth year students.’’

N. Nitin, a B.Tech student who was detained, said, “I am one of the students who got detained due to come credits and about 10,000 students have been detained as they did not get minimum credits. The varsity is not conducting the advanced supplementary exam for second years due to which we are not being promoted to the third year. This is a big loss of a year for students like us who have been detained. We have held many protests and made several representations to the university to conduct the supplementary exams, but the university has conducted the examinations for first years only’’.

Professor Venugopal Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTUH) said, “The advanced supplementary examination will not be conducted for the detained students because we are implementing detention system. Half of the semester is over. So now there is no chance of conducting the supplementary examinations.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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