Bengaluru figures third in NCRB's hall of shame

The number of POCSO cases is high in the city because of higher levels of awareness among parents, says senior police officer.

Bengaluru: Is Bengaluru going to have bear the shame of being the crime capital of the country? Well, we are certainly climbing the charts!

In sexual crimes against children, Bengaluru features first in the list of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) incidents with 273 crimes reported, only followed by Ahmedabad with 191 incidents and Indore with 189.

A senior police officer, who did not wish to be identified, told Deccan Chronicle that it could be explained. "The number of POCSO cases is high in the city because of higher levels of awareness among parents."

Except, In the number of overall crimes reported, the city stands third after the National Capital New Delhi and Patna. Bengaluru is third in the list of dowry death incidents with 54 deaths reported. The topper is Delhi with 100 incidents followed by Patna with 74 incidents.

Bengaluru stands third in the country in the number of crimes reported this year with 35,576 cases registered in 2015. Delhi continues to top the list with 1,73,947 cases, followed by Mumbai with 42,940 incidences, according to the data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

The cases have been categorised under IPC crimes, which include murders, kidnappings, sexual harassments, dowry deaths, child rapes, dacoities and cheating, while the Special Local Laws (SLL) category includes explosives, gambling, immoral trafficking and cyber crime. Among 53 major cities and towns in the country, the national capital Delhi tops the table in the number of murders with 464 incidences, followed by Patna with 232 incidences, and the third comes Bengaluru with 188 killings.

Bengaluru stands second in the list of attempts to murder with 464 cases, while Delhi tops with 674 cases. Bengaluru stands 12th in the list of rapes with 112 incidences, while Delhi tops the chart with 1,893 incidents and Mumbai seconding it with 712.

Bengaluru also stands third in the list of kidnappings for murder, ransom, and compelling women for marriage with 777 incidences, while again Delhi tops the list with a whopping 6,630 such incidents. Bengaluru is fourth in the list of robberies with 707 cases, while Delhi tops with 6,766 incidents, followed by Mumbai with 1,708 and Pune with 731 cases.

The city seconds the list for thefts with 11,409 incidences registered. The topper is Delhi with 96,924 and Mumbai third with 10,422 incidences. Bengaluru tops the chart in the Prevention of Atrocities Act with 139 incidences, followed by Visakhapatnam with 137 incidences.

Bengaluru tops the list in the incidences registered under Dowry Prohibition Act with 714 incidences followed by Jamshedpur with 157 and Patna with 151 incidences. Bengaluru is third in the list of incidences registered for rioting which is 373 and the topper is Patna with 725 incidences of rioting followed by Mumbai with 396 cases.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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