US, allies can aid democracy through common AI norms: Diplomat

Kolkata: A US diplomat in India has asserted that her country along with its allies can boost democracy and human rights in collaboration by pushing common norms on the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Gloria Berbena, who is the minister counselor for public diplomacy at the US Embassy India in New Delhi, said, "The Department of State focuses on AI because it is at the center of the global technological revolution; advances in AI technology present both great opportunities and challenges."

She added, "The United States, along with allies, can both further our scientific and technological capabilities and promote democracy and human rights by working together to identify and seize the opportunities while meeting the challenges by promoting shared norms and agreements on the responsible use of AI.”

Ms Barbena was speaking at a conclave, "Future of Journalism - how Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR and VR videos help support media literacy and press freedom," jointly organized by Meridian International and US Consulate in Kolkata at the American Center on July 27-28.

A group of 30 media professionals including journalists from across India attended the workshop which covered training on AI, AR and VR.

The US diplomat also underlined, “Together with our allies and partners, the Department of State promotes an international policy environment and works to build partnerships that further our capabilities in AI technologies, protect our national and economic security, and promote our values. Accordingly, the Department engages in various bilateral and multilateral discussions to support responsible development, deployment, use, and governance of trustworthy AI technologies.”

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