\'We are Indians\': Residents of UP\'s \'Pakistan wali gali\' urge PM for name change

The area got the name \'Pakistan Wali Gali\' after some people came and settled down there from Pakistan during partition.

Noida: Residents of "Pakistan Wali Gali" in Greater Noida on Tuesday have urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to change the name of their colony as they were not being able to access basic amenities provided by the government due to the locality's name.

The area got the name "Pakistan Wali Gali" after some people came and settled down there from Pakistan during partition.

The residents, however, said that if their ancestors came from Pakistan it was not their fault.

"We are Indians. Only four of our ancestors came here from Pakistan a long time ago. But still, even our Aadhar card has "Pakistan Wali Gali" written on them. We are part of this country then why are we being segregated in the name of Pakistan," a local alleged.

Narrating their ordeal, they said they want employment and affordable education for their children.

"We do not get employment even after showing Aadhar card. We spend money on our children's education but even they will not get employment. We are very disturbed. We request Prime Minister and Chief Minister to change the name of this colony and provide us employment," said a resident Bhupesh Kumar.

Another resident said: "People treat us badly as if we belong to another country. This is all because the street is named as "Pakistan Wali Gali". We have expectations from Modi ji and we are sure if our voices are heard by him he will surely take action."

There are around 60-70 houses in the colony and residents want the government to change the name so that they do not feel neglected and segregated in their own country.

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