Knanaya church to end endogamy

Rome prevails over conservatives.

KOTTAYAM: The Knanaya Catholic archdiocese of Kottayam has decided to relax the strict endogamy rules imposed on its members under directions from the congregation.

The Church which ousts its members who marry from outside the community will exempt the person born in the community from the rule.

However, the spouse or the children will remain under the ambit of excommunication. Endogamy is the practice under which the members of the same ethnic background marry each other.

The change in the stand of the archdiocese was mentioned in an article written in its mouthpiece Apna Desh published on July 22.

“A person who gets the membership in the Knanaya church will not lose it due to any activity (Karma),” the article said.

In response to a query from this paper, Kottayam Archbishop Mathew Moolakatt refused to comment whether the Church had made a change in its stand.

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