Bengaluru: 16-year-old vanishes, not traceable even after 10 days

Meanwhile, Manikanta's parents Ramesh and Rupa are hoping that one day their son would return.

Bengaluru: Manikanta, 16-year-old resident of Girinagar, has been missing for the past 10 days and the police have not met with any breakthrough in their investigation.

According to a police officer, the probe team questioned his friends and tried to know where he could possibly have gone. Some of his friends told police that Manikanta was enquiring about the route to Satellite Bus Stand on Mysuru Road. “We suspect he tried to go to Mysuru,” the officer added.

He said that Manikanta didn’t leave any traces behind. “He is not carrying a mobile phone, left no note and hasn’t tried to establish any contact with the family,” he added.

Meanwhile, Manikanta’s parents Ramesh and Rupa are hoping that one day their son would return.

His uncle Raghvendra has been making all out efforts to trace his nephew. “We have put up his pictures on social media networking site like Facebook and also shared the information on WhatsApp groups. Also, his photo has been shared with road side food establishments and dhabas in Mysuru and Bengaluru.”

Cops express helplessness
Girinagar police said that their hands are tied as the family didn’t give them permission to circulate Manikanta’s photo. “If the family had allowed us to circulate his picture, it would have become easier for us to get information about him. The team has, however, informed their counterparts in other areas for help,” the police officer said.

Police investigation revealed that Manikanta was allegedly upset when his parents questioned him as to why he didn’t go to attend his tuition classes.

According to Raghvendra, Manikanta went to attend tuition class on Saturday and returned home. He was visibly upset but showed no signs of depression.

“He attended the special extra classes on Sunday too, and had returned home in the noon. He ate lunch and then said that he is heading out to play, but, he never returned,” Raghvendra said.

Manikanta, son of Ramesh and Rupa, has an elder brother.

Cine star Sudeep offers help
To support the family, sandalwood star Sudeep has recorded a video and urged the minor boy, who is his fan, to return home. The star exhorted Manikanta to return as his family was waiting.

In the video, Sudeep also assured Manikanta that he would meet him once he returns.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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