Bengaluru: Techie stops biker on pavement, beaten

Ankit Chowdhary, an employee at a private firm posted the incident on social media.

BENGALURU: An IT professional was allegedly assaulted and threatened by an errant motorist after the former tried to stop him from riding on the footpath in Koramangala, on Monday morning. Ankit Chowdhary, an employee at a private firm posted the incident on social media. The post, which included a video of the episode, went viral, following which the Koramangala police took a non-cognizable offence report against the rider.

The incident took place at around 10.40 am at Wipro park circle near the Flipkart office. The post read, “There are always a few folks who break the law and ride on footpaths and it’s always an inconvenience to pedestrians. So I duly take photos and report them - in hope it will slowly reduce. Today's (Monday) guy was an exception, as soon as I took the photo, he stopped his bike and started moving towards me to hit me,” Ankit wrote.

Realizing that the man was aggressive, Ankit decided to record a video as the man approached him. “He tried to smash my phone hoping to destroy the evidence I think the mic stopped working somewhere there. Just the most unexpected, unruly behavior I have ever seen,” he wrote.

The video showed a man riding a black scooter on the footpath. As Ankit began shooting the video, the man got of the bike and slapped Ankit a couple of times. He was also seen raising the helmet to hit him as well. Within hours of the incident, the facebook post was shared more than 300 times including to the Bengaluru traffic police. As it was case of assault, traffic police officials, directed him to approach the Koramangala police to lodge a complaint. The vehicle was registered in the name of one Hanume Gowda.

“We have received a complaint on of assault, based on which a non-cognizable offense report has been generated. As per procedure, we will approach court to further instructions to take the case forward,” said a Koramangala police officer.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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