Couple stabbed in Germany hail from Siddapur

The attack happened near Munich on Friday evening.

Udupi: As the news of stabbing of Smitha Basarur and Prashanth in Germany spread, the residents of Siddapur were in a shock as Smitha hailed from this village.

The attack happened near Munich on Friday evening. Prashanth Basarur (49) died after he was stabbed by an immigrant, while Smitha (43) was seriously injured.

Smitha's father Dr Chandramauli, an ayurveda doctor, is popular among villagers and their house is situated near Siddapur bus stand. The family preferred to avoid media glare. They are reportedly preparing to go to see Smitha.

In her tweet External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had stated that the ministry was facilitating the travel of Prashant's brother to Germany.

"We got to know about the incident on Saturday. We do not have much details. We are getting help and assistance from the government," Sujay, Smitha's brother, told reporters. He said the parents were shocked .

Friends and close associates were hurt by the incident. They remember Smitha as soft spoken and down to earth. The couple acquired German citizenship last year and they have a 15-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son. Prashanth's family is from Basarur near Kundapur. According to sources, Prashanth's mother is preparing to go to her younger son's house in Bengaluru.

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