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Chennai: Celebrating popular heroes’ film release in style

Published Mar 31, 2016, 5:02 am IST
Updated Mar 31, 2016, 5:02 am IST
Fans perform ‘pal abhishekam’ to cut outs of Kamal Haasan.
 Fans perform ‘pal abhishekam’ to cut outs of Kamal Haasan.

CHENNAI: It is a common thing in Kollywood that whenever any big hero’s movie gets released, his ardent fans all over Tamil Nadu erect banners, paste posters, perform ‘pal abhishekam’ for the huge cutouts of their favorite matinee idol and burst 10,000 walas in the theatre premises.

Large cans of milk, a massive garland and several rolls of fireworks are a common sight in any theatre when films of  big actors like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Ajith, Vijay, Suriya and Dhanush hit the marquee. The recent addition was Karthi.

Surprisingly, this adulation of fans prevails in Mumbai as well. Fans of Rajinikanth perform `pal abhishekam’ to Rajini’s massive cutout at a theatre at Matunga on the first day early morning every time the superstar’s film gets released.

Rajini’s last released movie Lingaa witnessed such a festivity.  Rajini’s fan followers all over the world have the similar adoration.

When Enthiran was released, fans of Rajini did ‘pal abhishekam’ for the actor’s cutout at a theatre in Seattle, USA. Even Vijay’s fans indulged in such activities in Mumbai with films like Nanban.

For Khaushik, every Kamal Haasan release is a festival. Says he, “We gear up a week before Ulaganayagan’s film release. We carry at least  50 banners, order for milk for abhishekam and 108 coconuts for breaking”.

Trisha is the sole heroine who enjoys an equal status as that of heroes when her films gets released. Jesi, a fan of Trisha started a fan club for the VTV actress.

Film historian and writer Sura says fans of legendary MGR and Sivaji Ganesan had a different kind of celebrations when their films got released.

He says, “The cutout culture was never there during 50s and 60s. Maximum ardent fans of MGR and Sivaji carry the reel box in a procession on an elephant or chariot pulled by horses. And when the first show begins, fans used to light camphor on their palms and circle it before the actor on screen and men would dance for the entire three hours in the aisle.

Also, they would sprinkle flower petals. Posters will adorn the walls. Towards the end of 60s and beginning of 70s, the fans slowly started making cutouts of these two iconic stars. But to my knowledge, fans never performed milk ‘abhishekam’.

Court moved against Rajini
An injunction suit was filed against actor Rajinikanth over the wastage of thousands of litres of milk by his fans during his film releases. The injunction suit was filed in Mayo Hall Court by Dr I.M.S. Manivanna on March 26.

Dr Manivanna told DC, “We have filed the suit against Rajnikant asking him to willfully come forward and instruct his fans not to waste milk whenever his film get released. The superstar will soon be receiving Padma Bhushan award and we want to make sure that before receiving the award, he directs his fans not to indulge in such acts.”

The petitioner further pointed that whenever a Rajnikant's movie gets released, his fans waste milk by carrying out 'Paalabishekam'. “While thousands of pregnant women and infants are unable to get a cup of milk a day, Rajnikant's fans waste milk. The superstar should urge his fans not to do so,” he added. The next hearing is scheduled to take place on April 11.



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