Hyderabad: Human chain marks martyrs day

Protesters hold huge flag; Event not publicised due to difficulty in getting permission, say organisers.

Hyderabad: In a befitting tribute to the apostle of peace on his death anniversary, close to a thousand people came and joined hands to form a human chain by holding placards, with a long National Flag that spanned the entire length, as a demonstration of patriotism, late Thursday evening.

The human chain, comprising people from all religions and faiths and of different age-groups, was organised by a group called ‘Citizens against CAA-NRC-NPR’, at Dharna Chowk near Indira Park.

The organisers stated that as there were difficulties in getting permissions, they had not advertised the event properly. If given sufficient time, the gathering would have been larger as many were openly protesting the Centre’s move.

The speakers said that they had chosen the day the Father of the Nation was assassinated because he achieved equality and social justice using non-violence as a potent weapon. They said that the right wing ideologists of those days never liked his ways and killed him in 1948.

Social activist Kiran Vissa said “the nation has promised its citizens freedom, justice and equality. Today, all three are under threat, with CAA.”

According to Meera Sangamithra, “The hidden agenda of the Union government is now known to the people. The hate propaganda and the threats from the government cannot deter us. Every Gandhi and Ambedkar follower will fight the government which is promoting communalism.”

Dr Asma Zaher said “Today’s situation demands people to come into the open and protest against the government, which is promoting hatred through all mediums for their political gains. The country has to be reminded about the Mahatma and his spectacularly successful non-violence strategy”.

Ramana from Hyd Zindabad, said, “there has always been a sense of brotherhood, togetherness and communal amity in the country. The present government is spreading religious hatred, which is hugely condemnable. If the government intends to develop the country, it has to work on unemployment Register. It looks stupid when the government says that the borders are weak and people from neighbouring nations are crossing the border into India.”

The protesters sang patriotic songs and raised anti-CAA and NRC slogans. The entire protest ended up peacefully.

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