Coronavirus outbreak: Thrissur put on high alert

Persons in contact list of the patient have been put under quarantine

After the first episode of Nipah virus scare which rocked Kerala for couple of months in 2018, the state is now facing another health emergency situation. Life is normal in Thrissur, the cultural capital of the state, where the dreaded killer bug Coronavirus infected student is admitted in the government medical college. The fear of being infected with the virus is slowly spreading though people are out in streets, roads and shopping centres without wearing face masks.

People were reluctant to visit the otherwise busy Thrissur government general hospital on Thursday, when the virus infected female medical student returned from Wuhan was initially admitted there. Those who entered the hospital compound were careful in wearing the face masks properly.

“Life is normal in the town and no one is seen wearing face masks here. But, everyone, be it the auto rickshaw drivers or the office goers are mainly talking about the virus infection. Since it is the first case in the state, there is no panic situation like that of the Nipah outbreak,” said Rakesh Namboothiri, a resident of Thrissur.

Meanwhile, those in the contact list of the infected student are being traced and quarantined. The relatives and friends of the medical student are under quarantine in their houses.

“As per the instructions of the district medical office, an ambulance driver from our hospital transported the patient to Thrissur general hospital. Since he is in the patient's contact list, he has been put under observation. Though, everything is under control the hospital staff closely interacted with the driver are concerned,” said a staff at a government hospital in Thrissur district.

Health minister K.K Shylaja urged those returned from virus infected countries not to attend public functions. “It is better to postpone functions like marriages. Those returned from China who have not reported to the health authorities should immediately approach the authorities," she said.

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