Monkey fever: Samples of 4 more people sent for testing

Besides, two people from Thimmana Hosalli haadi, Bhaskar and Chandru, died recently.

Mysuru: Health officers of HD Kote taluk health officials have sent blood samples of four more people who are suspected to be suffering from KFD (Kyasanur Forest disease-Monkey fever) for tests at National Institute of Virology.

Health officer Dr Ravi Kumar T said blood samples of 35 year-old Chandru of Manemoole Haadi and 30 year-old Santhosh, both undergoing treatment at government hospital in HD Kote taluk, were sent for tests along with those of a 32 year-old man and a 36 year-old man, both named Putta, both from Thimmana Hosalli Haadi tribal hamlet as they were closely associated with two men, both named Suresh, being treated at Manandavadi government hospital and Kazikod government hospital, and both have tested positive for KFD. Both men from Ambakalli village, who are married to women hailing from Thimmana Hosalli Haadi, had recently visited the village. Besides, two people from Thimmana Hosalli haadi, Bhaskar and Chandru, died recently, but their autopsies were not done.

Dr Ravi Kumar informed that since Ambakalli of Kerala (from where those both Suresh who are tested positive for KFD hail from) is just 8kms from Thimmana hosalli hamlet, even as HD Kote taluk health officials are on high alert, they have received 25 boxes with 60 bottles of (Di Methyl Phthalate) DMP liquid from health department. So they are distributing DMP liquid among tribals of 16 tribal hamlets including Thimmana hosalli, Balle and Manemoole haadi and even forest watchers, to apply on their body and prevent ticks from biting them when they enter the forest.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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