Man alleges Cyberabad traffic police stole phone

The allegations were made by Teja, a city resident who works for Cognizant and also on a part-time basis for Uber Eats.

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad traffic police were embarrassed on Wednesday when a city resident working in the IT Corridor alleged that his mobile phone had been stolen by traffic police personnel near Cyber Towers in Madhapur.

The allegations were made by Teja, a city resident who works for Cognizant and also on a part-time basis for Uber Eats. On Wednesday, he shared on his Facebook profile about losing his mobile phone, which he alleged had been stolen by the Cyberabad traffic police. They did not return it when he requested them to and told him off.

Teja in his post said that on January 28, the incident had taken place between 8.30 pm to 10 pm when he was going towards Cyber Towers from Phoenix. To inquire if there was a U-turn, he stopped his bike near the traffic police — a sub-inspector and two constables, but they took advantage and asked if he was carrying all the necessary documents. But, Teja did not have a helmet and insurance.

“Until I showed the licence, they argued with me for an hour. However, they did not ask me for the one-time password which I have to share to get the challan. The policemen sent me off without asking for the OTP,” Teja said.

“After leaving the place, I realised that my phone was missing and I went to the spot where they had penalised me, but they had left. The next day, I met the SI and told him about my phone. The SI said that if they find the phone, it would be returned. When I questioned them, why they had not ask for an OTP, the SI said that I was in a hurry and they had let me go. I told him if he had asked for the OTP, I would have realised the phone was missing and I would have called from another number with which it would be established my phone was with the SI,” Teja said in his post. The posts went viral on social media within hours and the Cyberabad police took cognizance of the issue and ordered an inquiry into the allegations.

When contacted, Cyberabad DCP (Traffic) S.M. Vijay Kumar said, “The person who made allegations was at fault. A video was taken by the concerned officer when Teja was stopped. He (Teja) confessed to having made posts on social media with a grudge.”

“When warned about the legal consequences of his false allegations, Teja broke down and confessed that he had intentionally framed the policeman. He lost the mobile phone somewhere and was blaming the police for penalising him. He has been asked to remove the posts from Facebook and warned to not repeat such mistakes,” DCP Vijay Kumar said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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