SRR students fight for college land

Flexis were torn and structures were demolished.

Vijayawada: The students of SRR & CVR College vandalised the flexiboards and demolished small structures in the land, claiming that the ground belongs to the college and that it was encroached by some people. The land is in dispute and cases are pending still.

A rally was called by Old Students Association which led to attack on the disputed land.

The college management clarified that the land belongs to the college only. In 1952, a part of land, measuring 6.67 acres, was given to Pedarla Narasimha Rao for lease by the college management. Later, Rao got a patta created illegally.
Since then, he had been trying to sell the land. Cases are still pending in the court.

Nobody entered the land as it was in dispute. Recently, Rao tried to build new structures. The college management complained to the district collector, revenue and police authorities and with their help, stalled the construction activity.

The old students and the fresh students held a meeting and discussed about the land a week ago and planned a rally on Tuesday.

After reaching the disputed site, the students reacted emotionally and removed the boards and structures. With a large number of students in action, no one dared to stop them.

Student unions, including SFI and others, have warned that the land should be vacated and handed over to the college. Else, they threatened to launch indefinite fast. ; otherwise they will start an Indefinite Hunger Strike.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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