Lipstick, short skirts invite Nirbhaya-like rape: C'garh teacher justifies sexism

Snehlata Shankhwar, the biology teacher, accused women of inviting rapes through make-up and revealing attire.

Raipur: A biology teacher from the elite government school Raipur Kendriya Vidyalaya has defended her blatant sexist comments in class after complaints from a group of outraged parents.

The students recorded the teacher's comments in the class, where she is clearly heard accusing women of inviting rapes and molestation through make-up and revealing attire.

Teacher, Snehlata Shankhwar, also blamed the horrific rape of Jyoti Singh (Nirbhaya) in Delhi in December, 2012 on the victim herself.

The students replayed the recording to the principal Bhagwan Das Ahire. Later, a group of parents also lodged a complaint with the principal.

Jyoti Singh, the teacher said, was out with a man who was not her husband and therefore, the assailants were not wrong given our social rules.

Blaming Jyoti's parents for demanding justice, she said, "you say justice is not being done... now these men will be hanged but you can't control your daughter..."

The teacher also went on to say that lipstick and jeans lay in the root of such incidents.

"When boys see girls doing it with one person they assume the girl would do it with others as well," she said.

The teacher, however, justified her reasons for being misogynistic on Wednesday, saying she was trying to warn class 11 students who were out late.

"I saw Class 11 students outside at 8:30 pm and suggested they go home," she said.

The teacher said: "A person's safety is in their own hands. What happened with Nirbhaya was wrong, but had she not gone out late, she could have saved herself."

"I instruct girls according to Kendriya Vidyalaya's code of conduct," she added.

"Parents should ensure that their children should at least wear the school uniform properly. I have objected and pointed out at girl students for wearing lipstick at times,” the teacher said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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