Hyderabad: Beginning tomorrow, core areas to get water daily

The core area of the city namely the former MCH will start receiving daily supply of drinking water.

Hyderabad: Beginning February 1, the core area of the city — namely the former MCH — will start receiving daily supply of drinking water. The metro water board that made an assessment of the quantum of water required per area will begin the daily supply after a gap of 30 years, during when the feed was irregular. Speaking to this newspaper, water board managing director Dana Kishore said, “The board has 9.2 lakh connections, of which six lakh connections received water every alternate day while the remaining three lakh once in three-to-four days. The water board will convert the alternative day system to daily supply from February 1. This should not be mistaken as a 24 x7 supply. Those receiving water once in two to four days will begin having daily supply without any change in the pressure or quantum of water.”

He said that, on February 1, as many as 167 slums will get daily supply. “About 60,000 homes having connections will get daily supply. The board is targeting slums because they are in the worst plight, as there are no storage tanks. By February 10, another one lakh connections in the core city will be added to the list. This will continue for three months. By April end, two lakh more connections will be added,” he said.

The board is aiming at providing daily supply to as many as consumers as possible by December this year. The present quantum of water drawn from three phases of Krishna and Phase One of Godavari is 372million gallons a day. However, once the board starts regular supply, after including the peripheral area, it would need to draw another 40-50 MGD of water. The present daily per capita use of water per person is 150 litres. “With regular supply, homes need not store water. The board promises the residents that there will be no change in the pressure or the quantum of supply,” the MD added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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