Plea seeks action against Public Service Commission Chief K S Radhakrishnan

Most decisions of the commission were not regularly communicated to the members.

Kochi: A section of members of the Kerala Public Service Commission has moved Kerala High Court against chairman K.S. Radhakrishnan indicating a revolt against him.

They alleged discrepancies and irregularities in the functioning of the commission, including the selection process as well as its general administration.

Mr U. Suresh Kumar and Mr V.T. Thomas, PSC members, moved the court seeking to declare that the PSC chairman cannot take unilateral decisions on the functioning of the commission and that he can act only as per regulations.

The petitioners alleged that the chairman was discharging constitutional duty as well as the internal administration in an illegal manner.

According to them if the court didn't intervene, the working of the commission itself would be under serious threat.

The petitioners cited the selection to the post of junior instructor in photography and fashion technology.

The commission decision to conduct an OMR test prior to further scrutiny of the applicants was overturned and out of 9,849 applicants, only two alone were selected without following the established procedure for scrutiny of applications.

The collective decisions of the majority of the commission with respect to the notification of vacancies in the assistants in the office of Inquiry Commissioner and Vigilance Court and sub-Inspectors were overturned.

The petitioners alleged that the interview programme scheduled for March 2015 was altered and another interview board was constituted without the concurrence of the Commission.

They said the rule of majority and the chairman’s obligation to postpone decision-making till the concurrence of absentee members was obtained were flouted.

Most decisions of the commission were not regularly communicated to the members.

Not even the meetings of the commission were convened on the first day of every week, the petitioners argued.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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