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Hyderabad deserves better, surely!

Published Sep 30, 2019, 1:10 am IST
Updated Sep 30, 2019, 1:10 am IST
The Hasmathpet lake is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and diseases.
Hasmathpet ward 6 dying
 Hasmathpet ward 6 dying

Hasmathpet ward 6 dying
Our repeated attempts to bring the pathetic civic condition of our surroundings to the notice of our corporator and other government officials have failed. No action is being taken by them. We citizens must ask the government - why do we pay taxes? The pictures I have enclosed tell their own story. The Hasmathpet lake is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and diseases. Our ward is dying. Please save us.
— N. Rath, Hasmathpet

No proper drinking water supply
On behalf of the Gayathree Nagar Residential Apartments, situated at TSIIC Colony, Road No. 20, Jeedimetla, I would like to bring to the notice of the HMWSSB that we are not getting proper drinking water supply for the past few months. We have personally visited the office at Gajularamaram and met concerned officials several times about this issue. They instruct us to "check with the lineman" but the lineman's mobile is either switched off or calls are not answered. The situation has not improved despite representations and complaints. It has actually gotten worse. The drinking water being released to our apartment is not sufficient and each flat is getting water once a week.
— Dinesh Joshi
On behalf of Gayathree Nagar Residential Apartments, Jeedimetla


Pathetic roads to Jubilee Bus Station
I would like to bring to the notice of the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB), the Hyderabad traffic police and TSRTC, the abuse of the road near the Jubilee bus stop, Secunderabad. The 'No Parking' signage is not cared for by autos, cabs and RTC buses who park their vehicles haphazardly, creating ruckus and traffic snarls.

The busts of Indira Gandhi and N.T. Rama Rao are shown little respect, with people using them as spittoons. Why doesn't the government move these statues to a better place and make the road more accessible and convenient for road users?


I have never seen a traffic cop at this road to guide, direct or take necessary action against errant drivers. I urge the concerned departments to take necessary action and make this road user-friendly for pedestrians as well.
The traffic signals are abused with impunity and it creates confusion as to who is heading where. We need a 'No U-turn' signal so that people take U-turns only when traffic signals are green. A free U-turn should be banned immediately for the safety of two-wheelers from gigantic and rash bus drivers.
— Deepesh Surana, Sadar Bazaar, Bolarum


Muradnagar is M-hub, breeding mosquitoes
The garbage disposal efforts at the Patel Diary, opposite Rose Enclave, Muradnagar Road, itself need to be dumped into the garbage can. Garbage and rotten waste material are lying unattended to, from where emanates a bad smell, making people of nearby areas wear masks and nose-covers. If this condition continues, there will be a high chance of spreading diseases. The condition is becoming worse every day.

We residents brought it to the notice of elected representatives as well as GHMC authorities but it is of no use. They are in a deep stupor and don't care at all.


The garbage and gutters combined are causing a nuisance to society. We are going to soon become M-hub, the hub of mosquitoes, which causes dengue. Pease save us.
— Syed Shafiq Ahmed, Muradnagar Road, Mehdipatnam


Hyd Metro, clean up Malakpet Palton
I stay at Malakpet Palton, where I witness the sheer negligence of the Hyderabad Metro authorities. Dustbins are lying unattended for the past several days. There is a leakage inside the metro station. This shows the quality and care you have for hygiene. Already we are suffering with dangerous dengue fever in the city.
 — Ajith Nair, Palton Road, Malakpet, New Market Metro station



Pathetic website of Telangana Tourism
The casual approach in maintaining a government website with a public interface and the value and details given are so alarming that we can call it a cyber orphan. I am referring to the website of the Telangana Tourism Dept. When you click for Package Tours and enter for Araku Valley, the details displayed in the 'Overview' are: "zxdvzdfb dfgdsf dghsdf dsfsdfh". This balderdash is the actual content I have copied and pasted from the website.

When you click on photos, it takes you to something unrelated. Same is the case when you click 'Accommodation' or 'Itinerary.' Is this the best our IT officers can show the world as to what Telangana offers? Do they care that our IT Minister efforts' to project Hyderabad as a tech capital from every platform gets severely undermined by such shoddy work? Pathetic. Shameful. No accountability either. The more we progress the more we remain the same.
— Sudarshan Singh, Hyderabad



Complete Lalapet flyover repairs soon
I write regarding the road repairs being undertaken on the Lalapet flyover. This is the only road available for commuters going toward Moula Ali and ECIL from Tarnaka. One half of the bridge is undergoing repairs. As a result, the other half is being used for vehicles coming from both ways. The work is going on at a snail's pace. I request the authorities to pull in more men and materials to complete these repairs faster. Because of this situation, daily commuters are suffering endlessly.
— Kumar Shastri, Ajay Enclave, Jawaharnagar Co-op housing society, Moula Ali



Poor road near Shaikpet Sewerage Board office
The road in front of the Hyderabad Water Works and Sewerage Board, Shaikpet entrance, from where several water tankers and sewage-cleaning vehicles ply everyday, is beyond horrible.

There was a CC road earlier, around two months back, which developed minor damages before the rains came. The CC road, about 18''thick, was dug up entirely into blocks of two to three feet two months back. Such blocks were left there for a week, without being removed, which caused commuters to move round the locality to reach their destinations. Even the tankers and other HWW&SB vehicles were stopped from moving for a week.


Later, RCC blocks were removed, leaving behind a road dug up to at least two feet depth, unattended, and now water has stagnated, creating a pond, which is now both a traffic nightmare and a health hazard. Nobody is paying attention to repair or re-lay on this road. At nights, commuters fall into the stagnant water pits and slippery mud pools, getting injured and being expose to infection and disease. Will someone from GHMC please attend?
 — Gafoor Mohammed Abdul, Tolichowki


Nala at Chikadpally
I am enclosing pictures of the dilapidated condition of the fencing across a nala flowing at the Chikadpally road-over-bridge (RoB), which has become very dangerous as anybody can fall into it as it has a large opening from the main road, which witnesses heavy traffic. The concerned GHMC officials of Circle 16, Amberpet, have failed to lay the fencing after the completion of retaining wall of the nala, despite repeated complaints for over three months.


With recent rainfall, water flow in the nala has become heavy. As it has a large opening from the roadside, there is every possibility of an untoward incident resulting in the loss of life.

Despite it being a very serious issue, it is astonishing to see GHMC authorities being least bothered to take any action.
— Mohd Yahiya Pasha, Himayathagar


Open manhole in Hafez Babanagar
An open manhole in the bus stop road of Hafez Babanagar puts the lives of both pedestrians and motorists at risk alike. Can the GHMC get it closed at the earliest?
— Abdul Aleem, Hafez Babanagar



Trimulgherry home inundated
My compound, plot no. 18, SBH colony, Trimulgherry, and the lane in front are inundated since September 24 (Tuesday) night due to an overflowing nala from the adjacent Pochamma temple. As a senior citizen couple, we cannot move out due to more than knee-deep dirty water.
— Arvind Kumar, SBH Colony, Trimulgherry

Road No. 51 in Jubilee Hills is a death trap
Road No. 51, Jubilee Hills, is a death trap, where accidents and losses of lives are just waiting to happen. As a resident, all my attempts to bring to the notice of the authorities (GHMC, and the Mayor of Hyderabad) this complete mismanagement on part of different departments that put lives of residents and motorists at risk have come to nothing.


This road is a vital connection between Rd#92, Journalist's Colony, Film Nagar to Rd#45 and is a busy street, widely used by many. Since traffic on this road is fast-increasing, about six months ago, the GHMC cemented both sides of the tar road to extend it and ease traffic.

But 15 days later, the Electricity Department decided to lay some cables and dug up almost six-seven feet towards the centre of the road and left the trench unfilled. Some part of the trench was dumped with debris but not levelled, which made matters worse.

Almost eight feet of the entire road is rendered useless, creating massive traffic congestions. The road has become extremely unsafe for riding in the night due to inadequate streetlights and the half-filled trench, which is not clearly visible. Rains have made it even more dangerous, with stones from the debris flowing onto middle of the road, making the trench a two-feet hole.


My request to authorities is to fix the road immediately before people get gravely hurt in accidents. I chose to approach you as Deccan Chronicle is the only medium that gets the right attention and is truly the voice of the people of Hyderabad.
— AB Road No 51, Jubilee Hills

Hawkers occupy street sides in Himayathnagar
We, seniors citizens, who live in Street no 5, Himayathnagar, are having to face a miserable situation because of hawkers who occupy all street sides and pavements, including a tiffin centre. One such illegal operation exists right opposite an Apollo pharmacy. With vehicles parked on either side of the road, there are invariably traffic jams and arguments. We fear getting knocked down by some errant driver every time we step on the road to cross. GHMC officials and police are both turning a blind eye. I seek your help to highlight the plight of senior citizens.
— Shivraj Pershad, Himayathnagar


RTC urinals unbearable, unusable
The urinals and lavatories at Telangana State Road Transport Corporations (TSRTC) bus terminals of at Rathi File, Koti, MGBS and JBS are very unhygienic and dirty. I request the authorities to use them personally first, so they realise how bad it is for commuters. Please initiate a drive to make them clean. Is RTC exempt from Swachh Bharat?
— Harikrishna Swamy, Hyderabad

No streetlights in Dammaiguda
I am a resident of Damigudda, residing here since 2009. There are no working and proper streetlights between the Ambedkar Statue and the HPCL petrol station. There is also no proper lighting on Saket Road, where thousands of vehicles ply by every day and night. Through now Dammaiguda has come under the GHMC limits, the situation is still the same. What does it take for GHMC to install working street lights?
— Alagan Madhi, On behalf of Dammaiguda residents


Bad driving, honking of RTC buses
I would like to bring to the notice of concerned authorities the high decibel noise produced by the horns of RTC buses, whose drivers anyway drive very carelessly, threatening and intimidating other vehicles. The traffic police is scared of RTC drivers, who are neither stopped nor challaned.

The noise from these horns is so harsh that two-wheeler drivers and pedestrians are left in shock and fear, and sometimes lose their balance, which could be fatal. I request concerned officials to please ensure the horns are replaced with less loud horns emitting permissible levels of sound.


RTC drivers can also often be seen speaking on their mobiles while driving. They should be severely warned and dismissed from their assignments when caught doing this. As this matter is very serious, I hope the RTC department would act upon it soon.
— Paravastu Kasturi Rangan, Hyderabad


Hard time for Monda Market shoppers
The road from Hanuman temple towards Monda Market has an open drain which appears to have been choked by the muck and mud after the heavy rains. The authorities are trying to clear the drain but are unable to spot where the blockage is. Because of this, passersby and people going to Monda Market to shop for vegetables and groceries are facing great difficulty.
— Mohamad Syed, Secunderabad



Sardar Mahal damaged, GHMC needs to act
The officials of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) must note that the corners of the Sardar Mahal have been damaged. This is located at the Kotla Alijah Road, Kotla Alijah, Moghalpura. Please act immediately, keeping in mind the value of this building.
 — Syed Hameeduddin Quardi, Hyderabad


Stagnant water in Safilguda
We write to you regarding the stagnation of water in front of our houses due to poor road layout in the lane. In spite of several complaints to the GHMC officials at the Malkajgiri office from the residents of Road No. 3, Surya Nagar, Safilguda, there has been no action taken.
 — Vijaya Sri, Safilguda