BRS MLAs Face Flood Victims' Ire During their Visits to Affected Areas

Adilabad: Some BRS MLAs are facing the ire of flood- victims during their visits to the flood-affected areas over the last three days in the erstwhile Adilabad district.

The farmers are in deep distress over crop damage due to floods following the heavy rains. The crop damage was high in the villages along the rivers Penganga, Pranahitha and Godavari.

Flood victims express their anger over leaders not coming to their rescue during the floods and when facing hardships. They say the crops were badly affected in the erstwhile Adilabad district.

BRS MLAs are under pressure to force the government to pay compensation to the damaged crops since the loss is huge. Many flood victims complained that they did not get any immediate relief in terms of money and essential commodities from the government.

Notably, some NGOs and philanthropists arrange meals for the flood victims in the flood-affected areas.

People of Kadam village gheraoed minister Allola Indrakaran and local MLA Rekha Naik when they visited the Kadam project that was facing danger.

BRS MLAs Balka Suman of Chennur, and Nadipelli Diwakar of Mancherial also faced the ire of the flood-affected people during their visits to the affected areas in their constituencies. So was the case with the Mudhole MLA Vittal Reddy.
The flood victims and farmers expressed their anger against Balka Suman when he visited the areas that were affected by the backwaters of the Medigadda barrage in Chennur assembly constituency.

Irrigation officials released floodwaters downstream from the Gaddanna and Suddavagu projects. Floods inundated agriculture fields and entered residential areas in low-lying areas of Mudhole assembly constituency.

Balka Suman urged the flood victims not to panic as the state government was “swiftly taking relief and rehabilitation measures.”

The flood-affected people questioned the BRS MLAs over the huge delay in taking precautionary steps and their shifting to the relief centers.

Flood victim Rajender of Ramnagar colony in Mancherial said every year their utensils and furniture worth Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh were getting damaged in the last three years as the Godavari floodwaters were entering their habitations.

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