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China betrayed India, says Tibet's government-in-exile head Lobsang Sangay

Published Jun 30, 2020, 10:55 am IST
Updated Jun 30, 2020, 11:03 am IST
Lobsang Sangay, President of government-in-exile.  (PTI)
 Lobsang Sangay, President of government-in-exile. (PTI)

New Delhi: President of Central Administration of Tibet (CTA) in exile, Dr Lobsang Sangay, on Monday urged India to take a proactive and prominent role in containing 'expansionist' China in the region and help in resolving the issue of Tibet. According to him, it is due to this `expansionist’ policy that China has now started moving towards Ladakh.

Dr Sangay said the military aggression by PLA is not the first time in the region and will not be the last time, hence, it was time for India to review its `One China’ policy. He added that after invading Tibet, China has militarized the entire region and is now also disturbing peace in South China Sea.

In a conversation with journalists of Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia, Dr Sangay said that after controlling Tibet, China has already started occupying areas of Nepal and is now eyeing Ladakh and Bhutan which is dangerous for the region. He added that occupation of Tibet is the main reason for tension between India and China and New Delhi should help resolve the Tibet issue to solve its own problems with Beijing.

 “Tibetans are religiously and culturally closer to India and we never had a border with India. Tibet is very important for South Asia. Tibet has historically acted as the buffer between India and China and after occupying Tibet, China is now moving to capture areas of Ladakh. India for various reasons has a lot at stake, it should intervene and take up the leadership in solving the issue of Tibet,” Dr Sangay said.

He added that all major rivers that feed India originate from Tibet and China is diverting the flow of these rivers to stop water to India. “In this 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between two countries lot many big events were planned but see what India has got – killing of soldiers of at the borders. Instead of following the principles of Panchsheel, China has always betrayed India. It occupied Tibet, it forced a war with India and today what is happening in an example of the same betrayal,” Dr Sangay said.

CTA has urged Human Rights Council of the United Nations to hold a special session on the human rights violations by China in the Tibet region.



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